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Edward J. (Ed) Hunt was born in Kilkenny Ireland, graduated as an electrical engineer and emigrated to the US in 1960.  He worked as an engineer, technical writer, computer programmer and community college professor teaching engineering, mathematics and computer science. In the mid 1970's Ed earned an MA in mathematics at San Francisco State University and in the mid 1980's he became a Certified Public Accountant.  Today he runs a public accounting practice from a home office in Escondido, California.


Ed's passion for photography began in his teenage years.  His first darkroom was a conversion of his parents' bathroom in Kilkenny Ireland, using a homemade wooden enlarger with a lens salvaged from a Kodak Box Brownie camera.  After his emigration to the US, Ed set up a color darkroom in the 1960's, and practiced his photographic arts using his growing family as mostly unwilling subjects (not again Dad !!).  


In the late 1970's Ed took a sabbatical from his teaching position at City College of San Franciso to set up a professional photography studio, and from 1979 through 1986, Ed and his wife Rita owned and operated the Hunt Portrait Studio in San Bruno, California, specializing in wedding photography, high-end portrait photography and some commercial photography. During this period, Ed and Rita honed their art by attending many courses in professional photography at the West Coast School of Professional Photography in Santa Barbara, California.  Also, during this time, Ed was a member of the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA), the Professional Photographers of California (PPC) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  


Many of Ed's images won awards at competitions held by PPGBA.  In January 1982,  Ed's image "Windsong" received  a prestigious third-place trophy in Wedding Candids at the annual PPC Western States convention.  This image went on to  receive a "print of the month" gold award at PPGBA's March 1982 competition, and received a Merit Award at the PPA 91st Annual Exhibition in 1982.   "Windsong" can be seen under the category "Award Winners" in the Public Galleries on this website.  During his time as a professional photographer, Ed also produced several multi-image shows using multiple projectors.


Ed took a hiatus from professional photography in 1986 to concentrate on building and operating a successful CPA practice.  Now as this practice is beginning to slow down a little, Ed is able to devote more time and energy to fine art photography, creation of multi-image audio-visual shows and to the development of instructional materials in photography.  With the advent of digital photography, Ed has embraced and become proficient in such amazing modern creative such as Photoshop & Lightroom,  Corel Painter, as well as Proshow Producer and other audio-visual programs.  With tools such as these at one's disposal, Ed feels that there's no limit to one's creative potential.