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The creation of images, such as those in the galleries on this website, comes at a significant cost to the maker.  This includes the monetary costs of the photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting and accessories) used in producing the initial image, and the computer and software costs involved in the enhancement of the images, as well as the monetary cost of maintaining this website.   In addition, the cost in time and effort is considerable, as are the costs of the education, training, expertise and experience necessary to produce the images.


For all of these reasons, Enlightenment Photo Arts feels that it is appropriate to invoke copyright law with respect to the images created by Enlightenment Photo Arts, and to ask for fair compensation for the transfer of any rights associated with the images.


Copyright Law

By law, every piece of artwork, including photographic images, is the exclusive property of the artist/photographer (the "maker"), and is fully protected by the copyright laws of the United States from the moment of its creation, regardless of the circumstances under which the work was created.  This copyright protection is automatic, and does not require any formal registration, nor does it require that the image include any statement regarding copyright.  Ownership conveys a number of rights to the owner/maker, and these rights include the right to gift or sell any or all of the owner's rights to any other party.


Showcase Gallery - Rights Granted Automatically


By accessing the Showcase Gallery of this website, the viewer agrees to the following --


Enlightenment Photo Arts grants to the public the right to view the images in the Showcase Gallery on a computer screen, and to convey any comments, criticisms or suggestions related thereto to Enlightenment Photo Arts.   This right is limited to personal viewing only.   Any viewing for commercial or profit-making purposes is not permitted without the express permission of Enlightenment Photo Arts


Enlightenment Photo Arts further grants the right of purchase of any images in the Showcase Gallery to the general public.  Please see the Purchasing section of this website for details.


Downloading,  printing or any other form of reproduction of any image without without express written permission from Enlightenment Photo Arts is a violation of copyright law and is strictly forbidden by Enlightenments Photo Arts.   However, Enlightenment Photo Arts is more than willing to negotiate the transfer of any additional rights.  Please use the Contact link.