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Enlightenment Photo Arts sincerely solicits and welcome all comments, suggestions and questions.  Positive feedback is of course great for the ego, but constructive negative feedback is much more important since we learn much more from our mistakes and shortcomings than we do from our successes.  So please, do not pull any punches !!.  Please be aware that anything you send us through this form may be published on this site, if appropriate, especially if you are reviewing any of the content.  If you don't want any part of your message posted on the site, please be sure to add the word "private" in the subject line and we will respect your privacy.  You may contact Enlightenment Photo Arts using the form below or, if you prefer, you may use your regular e-mail software instead of this form. Our e-mail address is EdwardJHunt10@gmail.com.

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First of all, if you have a question about usage rights and copyright for the images on this website, please read the copyright information  page before contacting Enlightenment Photo Arts.  It should answer most common questions!


Enlightenment Photo Arts will reply to all e-mails in a timely manner, and we appreciate and evaluate all feedback.   We will be expanding our frequently asked questions to give quick answers to commonly asked questions.

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